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Wildflower Honey

Honey derived from the blooms of our land in the months of May and June; its aroma is of medium intensity with notes prickly, which are directly influenced by the variety of our blooms.

Its flavor is not too delicate but intense and strong, with peaks sweet and bitter, depending on the presence or absence of chestnut honey or honeydew that condition a slightly amber color, which can sometimes be dark.

Its versatility is suitable for all uses. Great with hot drinks and pastries which complement the flavors of traditional desserts of Sorrento, ranging from donuts and struffoli; enhances fresh soft cheeses such as ricotta and sheep cheeses.

Available in:

Jars of 250gr: €5,50

Jars of 500gr: €9,00


Citrus Honey

One of the most popular honeys for the intensity and delicacy of the aroma, fruity and floral, doubtlessly stemming from orange blossoms. Bees are strongly attracted by the flowers of citrus, as its fragrance is rich in nectar.

Its liquid form is almost colorless to pale yellow. As it crystallizes, it assumes shades ranging from white to beige.

It goes well with most sweet foods and is particularly used in confectionery. Indicated with string cheese at different ripening: Mozzarella and Provolone del Monaco.

Available in:

Jar of 250gr: €5,50

Jar of 500gr: €9,00


Orange Marmalade

Our orange marmalade is naturally orange; it contains no added color or preservatives.Thick, with tiny pieces of zest and pulp, it is a delightful spread. High quality oranges are scrubbed under running water, hand peeled, cut into pieces and cooked for about an hour. The only added ingredient is sugar. This flavorful marmalade is the perfect addition to cakes, pastries, breads, and cheeses.

It is particularly delightful when mixed with our hand-crafted ricotta cheese.

Available in:

Jar of 350gr: €6,00


Lemon marmalade

Our lemon marmalade is made with high quality lemons, scrubbed under running water, hand peeled, cut into pieces and cooked for about an hour. Sugar is the only added ingredient; our marmalade contains no preservatives or added color. The flavor is intense and delightful.

It can be perfectly paired with cheese, meat, and any sweet delicacies.

Available in:

Jar of 350gr: €6,00



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