Area Pic Nic in Penisola Sorrentina

L’area Picnic all’interno dell’ Azienda Agrituristica  La Masseria è una zona all'ombra di alberi ad alto fusto facilmente accessibile con ampio parcheggio gratuito e lontana dalle aree più frenetiche e chiassose della Penisola Sorrentina.

L'Area Picnic è attrezzata per fornirvi il necessario e trascorrere un' esperienza a pieno contatto con la natura  auto-gestendo il vostro pranzo: tavoli in legno, sedie e brace per divertirsi in famiglia o tra amici.

Il cibo può essere portato direttamente da casa o in alternativa può essere richiesto anticipatamente in azienda un cestino con prodotti e bevande.

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La Masseria Farm and Food Tour - Countryside experience!

In this working farm of Sorrento Peninsula, recognised with accredited European trademarks comes the Gargiulo family owned-farm since 1898. Specialising with the ancient production process of Lemons, Olive Oil and Wine, which represent the typical products of this fascinating land! 

In a completely authentic and familiar atmosphere enjoy walking along the paths of their property, meeting some friendly animals even with hands-on demonstrations, and visit the ancient family Winery producing so many delicious Italian delights! 


Here you will still find the old farmer who shows you how to love and to take care of the land, and how to work the simple fruits that nature offer us in order to turn them into high quality products. You will taste a cool lemonade, sliced lemons with sugar, tasty and genuine citrus marmalades, the uniqueness of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil spread on a slice of typical homemade bread even in different specialties, sweet honey from their own beehives and you will have the possibility to enjoy a Lunch or dinner with typical homemade plates accompanied by a glass of delicious red Wine. And last but not least, you will taste and find out how to make the traditional homemade Limoncello in the respect of family traditions!



What are you waiting for? Contact and come to find us!



Around Us...

In a corner of paradise rich of history and culture come to discover the most amazing sites in our area!

You can visit the authentic Massa Lubrense, the charming Sorrento, the historical Pompeii, Herculaneum, the majestic Mount Vesuvius, the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, with its pearls Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, the legendary Capri Island and the beautiful city of Naples.
Then as ever to not forget a glimpse to our farm for discovering the real flavours of our fascinating land!


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Why is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sorrento Peninsula so Extraordinary?


With its mild Mediterranean climate and volcanic soil, Sorrento Peninsula, Italy, is the ideal environment for olive trees.  At La Masseria farm, four generations of the Gargiulo family have been cultivating olive trees for over 100 years. Overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the family’s well-tended olive trees include the main variety Ogliarola or Minucciola (also known in the literature as “olive for oil”) and other varieties such as Rotondella, Frantoio or Leccino.



Harvesting, done by hand or by rake, begins in October and is completed by year end. Within two days of harvest, the olives are cold pressed at the family’s mill in Santa Maria della Neve in Massa Lubrense. The extracted oil is stored in steel silos, away from products that emit odors, at 54 to 64 °F. After a month, the oil is filtered and bottled.



The extracted oil from the "Masseria" is a beautiful straw color with a delicate aroma and pleasant notes of aromatic herbs, especially rosemary. The taste is decidedly fruity with light bitter and spicy notes. Because its acidity never exceeds 0.80%, this well-balanced oil has a clean, green and fresh almond aftertaste.

Ideal for typical Italian dishes, grilled fish and vegetables, it is also an excellent addition to sorbets and "lemon delight,” a traditional Sorrento dessert.


The farm production is certified either as Peninsula Sorrentina DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil or only as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil is stored in cans or dark glass bottles to protect it from air and light. Olive oil that is created the right way, first cold pressed, has a flavor and texture difference you’ll notice. It has better flavor, aroma, and nutrition, including more antioxidants.



Using the organic citrus fruits grown on the farm, the Gargiulo family also produces Sorrento lemon and orange flavored oil. These citrus-flavored oils add a unique taste to salads, fish, game, and meats.



You can buy the oil at the farm’s shop or have it shipped directly to your home.



So what are you waiting for? Contact us or visit us on our farm!




Local agricultural products and Gastronomy

There is no doubt that lemons are the most rapresentative product of Massa lubrense. Although lemons hit the market with the registered  designation of origin (IGP) of “Sorrento lemon”, this fruit was always known as “femminello” or “ovale massese” . It differs from the Amalfi lemon in some important aspects: a thinner rind and a stronger aroma.

Most of Sorrento lemons (about 70%) come from farms in Massa Lubrense, and they are used above all in the production of the “Limoncello”, a liqueur obtained from the infusion of lemon peels in alcohol. Some farms in the area, in addition to the “limoncello”, also produce lemon-based pastries such as the “delizie al limone” and different cakes  - but even honey and cosmetics.


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