La Masseria Farm

"La Masseria" farm was born in 1898. With a passion for the earth, our great-grandfather, Ferdinando Gargiulo, was one of the first farmers in the area to plant a lemon orchard. His success as a grower led to his success as an exporter of his unique fruit.

Visitors to the farm will see a typical Sorrento Peninsula garden, beautifully landscaped with a wide variety of crops. The farm extends to a valley composed of volcanic rocks and soil; its stunning terraces slope down to the Naples Gulf. On the terraces, olive trees produce the typical Sorrento Peninsula Extra virgin Olive Oil, lemon trees produce the exclusive "Oval of Sorrento" variety, and Chestnut trees produce sweet, fragrant fruit. Trunks of the Chestnut trees are used to build the famous “Pergolas” to defend the lemons from bad weather. In addition to citrus fruits such as oranges and Mandarins, the farm cultivates different varieties of fruit trees and seasonal vegetables. Summer time crops include tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, and onions.

Since 1988 the farm has improved the quality of its products, focusing on local staples such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the "Oval of Sorrento" lemon. Since 1994 the farm has drastically reduced its use of pesticides and returned to organic fertilization,using bees as environmental sentinels. The farm is associated with Solagri (Cooperative of producers in the Sorrento Peninsula and Capri Island) and since the 2000 is recognized by the EU with European trademarks such as the IGP(Protected Geographical Indication) for the lemons and DOP (Protected Origin Denomination) for the Olive OIl.

Since 2011, due to the initiative of Eugenio, fourth generation in his family, the farm is focusing on its Gastronomic Tour  and being recognized by Campania Region as Educational farm has been hosting students and tourist groups with guided tours and tasting of the farm’s products. Today, new generations can be still fascinated by an "art" that, despite its beauty, is often forgotten...

Gargiulo's family



  • Fiera del Levante

    Corso inglese trinity
  • 100% Italiano

    Certificato Assessorato Agricoltura
  • Contest new oil

    Concorso Nuovo Olio
  • Suitability oil tasting certified

    Idoneità assaggio olio
  • Competition training

    Corso formazione professionale
  • Lemon Festival

    Partecipazione Sagra del Limone
  • Sorrento in the world

    Sorrento nel mondo
  • Trinity English Course

    Corso inglese trinity


Via Pontescuro, 10
Massa Lubrense (NA) 80061

Mobile: +39 3497360934 (Raffaele)
Tel: +39 081 808 13 78
P.I. 00501501217

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